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Please, Go Here. Read This.


From The Errant Aesthete. There are tidbits of elegance scattered about this post like so many dark chocolates, waiting to be ingested, exclaimed upon and savoured.

4 thoughts on “Please, Go Here. Read This.

  1. E,

    I’m not surprised that Hardy’s life, manner and model of living might resonate with you. He strikes me as one of those guests you’d like to have gathered around the bar tray, leaving you grateful for simply being in the room.

    Thank you for promoting this post. He was so exceptional that one can’t help but
    let the whole world in on the secret.

  2. Errant Aesthete, I would feel like a guest at one of my own parties — the ultimate treat. It was a pleasure to point a few people your way. As you say “How can one not be elevated by style, wit, intelligence, class and propriety. And the bons mots – priceless!” The post was a joy to read, too.

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