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Celebrating the Invisible. Reweaving Returns to Richmond.


I’m pleased to report that after two plus years without, Richmond has a source for expert reweaving. In this economy, a trusted source of clothing repair is almost as much a necessity as it is a luxury.

Reweaving is more of a craft than a science. It is tedious, exacting work done by hand alone. At its best, it is an art.

At Reweaving of Richmond, they specialize in the art of garment repair. Each of their artisans has a minimum of 20 years of experience.

Your clothing is their canvas. Moth holes, burns, rips, snags and tears are the starting points for them to bring your once ruined masterpiece back to a treasured possession. I will once again be the proud wearer of a navy blue, chalk stripe, double breasted lounge suit. I’ve even asked that they take before and after photos for me so that I can demonstrate for you the near miracle that is the expertly rewoven garment.

This is not “mending” in which the edges of a tear are stitched together to minimize the damage, there are two types of reweaving.

French or “invisible” reweaving is best for tears and holes up to 1/8″ in diameter, no larger. Using this method, individual threads are replaced and are woven back into the garment. It sounds simple. Like tying your own flies for fishing… . French reweaving almost always results in a near invisible repair.

Overweaving or “inweaving” is done by means of a small patch, taken from a hidden part of the garment (an inside seam for instance), being woven into the garment — thread by thread — to reduce the visibility of the damage. Still, the results are a far cry from traditional mending methods.

The level of detectability (and, naturally, the price), are affected by a lot of variables. The reweaver must consider the color, finish and pattern of the cloth, the extent of the damage and the amount of excess fabric from which to fashion patches, just to name a few. But don’t let that put you off. Glen plaids, stripes, worsteds, flannels, tweeds are all fair game. Black cloth, incidentally, is the most difficult with which to work. (Another case for ordering your next dinner jacket in midnight blue.)

In normal cases, Reweavers of Richmond say that you may expect your repaired garment to be returned to you in two weeks. The minimum pricing for repair is usually $59.

In Richmond you may drop off your damaged clothing at Georges Alteration Shop 1344 Gaskins Road Richmond, VA  23233.

Or, if you’re from out of town and have no access to a reweaving shop, you may ship the garment to their Monument Avenue offices (in the Fan District in Richmond) for a quote. If your clothing can be repaired to your satisfaction and their rigorous requirements, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your bill.

I am also pleased to announce that this is at the initiative of my tailors, Leviner-Wood, and as such Larry Wood has generously agreed to offer readers of Easy and Elegant Life a 10% discount on your first repair. Print out this post and tell them Chris sent you.

8 thoughts on “Celebrating the Invisible. Reweaving Returns to Richmond.

  1. That is so thrilling! My level of excitement is directly related to my experience with needing reweaving work done. Since I wasn’t able to find any in my hometown, I dropped off a coat over the holidays with an excellent shop in NYC. I just recently got the coat back and it looks wonderful – well worth the money. You are so right about the differences in techniques – some are nearly invisible and, the very few large ones, are simply very well done over/in weaving. Very much looking forward to seeing your restored suit.

  2. i can not begin to tell you the heartbreak i felt from being forced to get rid of a favorite blazer of mine.
    a standard poodle attacked me ( really nice ) and put 1 perfect tiny hole in the front of the jacket.
    it definately could have been saved however ,
    if i only knew a wizard re-weaver.
    and with ‘the times’ that me be coming…..reweavers should be quite busy. no ?


  3. I, too, am excited to see a return of the art to a locale near me. If anyone is interested in sending in work to be done, the address is at the top of the post under the logo.

    Ms. Finberg! At least the jacket took the hit! I didn’t realize yours was such a dangerous profession.

  4. it’s great to know the art of reweaving has not fizzled out. Pls can i enroll to be trained?

  5. Also, is there any kind of instruction available? I would like to learn how to do this. I understand it requires special needles. If this is true, where can they be purchased? Thanks for any information you can give me. I made a really pretty dress length cape of Strook wool many years ago and there is a stain the cleaners cannot remove. I would like to repair it and give it to my neice.

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