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I Fold


It’s a habit that I picked up working in men’s clothing. Folded clothing, perfectly stacked is a joy to behold. Unfortunately, it won’t stay that way. When the dreaded day comes to refold the seventy-five sweaters on their shelves, when the disarray becomes troubling and difficult to behold, it’s time to get out the cutting board.

Yes the cutting board. I use a plastic one that I bought at a dollar store. It’s mid-sized, not too long, not too short. And, it makes a perfect folding board. You don’t even have to unwrap it from the shrink wrap.

So, until that blissful day when we can all afford help, make it easy on yourself. Use the right tool for the right job; in this case, a cutting board.

13 thoughts on “I Fold

  1. Ingenious! I never would have thought to use a cutting board to make sure everything ends up being the same width on the shelf or in the drawer.

  2. What a clever tip. I’m usually quite good at folding shirts “free style”, but this idea will ensure that they’re perfect everytime!

  3. Fairfax, that was funny. It must be useful if one has t-shirts.

    Mrs. B., folding is a last resort tactic to keeping mine straight. Most of the time, the sweaters are behind closed doors.

  4. when buying my T-shirts there is always a couple cardboard sheets in the package. I just keep one of them and use that.

  5. My dear husband irons, but doesn’t fold. I bring the shirts home folded (avoids accumulating all of those awful metal hangers), and then they are ready for the suitcase, too! Hand-in-hand with folding is ironing–Frenchman Frederic Fekaii recommends that we all iron our khakis and t-shirts for a more polished look. Just walk down the street and notice the number of people who look like they slept in their clothes! A great pride of mine is my linen closet–ironed, folded, smells wonderful, pretty, elegant, and a great way to spend the month of January!

  6. I use my kitchen counters as cutting boards so I don’t even have a portable one. But then, I never fold anything except the ocassional towel. Or dinner napkin.

    The writer is always perfectly turned out. He’s crisp even in August. So folding must be a good thing.

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