Elegance Resolved

(Statue of Ramón del Valle-Inclán (1866–1936) by Francisco Toledo Sánchez (1928–2004) in 1972. Installed at the Paseo de Recoletos in Madrid. Via Wikipedia)

Now that the champagne has worn off, and you’ve put those resolutions into print, I hope to hear that you also resolved to be a little more elegant this year.

I’ll start you off on the right foot by recommending that you… Well let’s start here.

What floats your boat? What gets you really jazzed up? What is it in which you are most interested? What are you passionate about?

Here’s a resolution that, I think, will be a joy to keep.

This year, resolve to cultivate… you.

Resolve to learn even more about that casual hobby or interest. Like art? Commit to going to the museum once a week, or once a month. But commit to going. Love music? Take piano lessons, attend a concert or live show, put everything aside and actively listen to a disc for a full hour once a week. Are you a “foodie?” Watch the shows, read the books, and try a new recipe once a month. Or take a class in wine tasting or cooking fish or making chocolate. Got wanderlust? Learn a bit of the language and book your ticket for later this year. Like to look good? Learn about how clothing is made and what goes into making the best clothing — that knowledge will take you far on a limited budget.

The elegant person is involved, interested and informed.

Into what will you sink your teeth this year?

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