Casual Suit Days

(This is all a pose to get you to see the socks….)

It’s cold. Well, cold for Central Virginia. Temperatures are hovering in the 30ºF’s. I only own a couple of heavier weight suits that are in constant rotation from now until the spring. But this blue-grey, windowpaned, flannel number will do quite nicely when suited up with a light grey, two-ply cashmere sweater. I’m still feeling casual these days, with no real appointments on the books (that’s the social calendar I’m reading.) So, I decided that a light-blue, button-down, mini houndstooth shirt, navy cashmere knit tie, brown suede monkstraps and argyll socks were just the thing to let me lounge and still feel dressed for the day.

The key to being casual in a suit lies in soft tailoring, soft, lofty sweaters and shoes that aren’t hard finished. Although slip ons would do the same job. Throw them on and wear them like you would your pyjamas.

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