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A Tip of the Hat


To Target! USD$15. Sure it’s felt, but it’s nicely shaped and the price was right when I got caught in the rain. If you’re wondering if your can wear a hat, at this price, this would be a good one with which to experiment.

6 thoughts on “A Tip of the Hat

  1. I have found some of the most incredible things at Le Target. I just got a pair of “riding” boots with black rubber up to the ankles and then herringbone tweed on the shafts! For $14.00!

  2. I love hats!! And Target can be really surprising with their accessories. For me, bucket and cloches are great – b/c it’s so hard to find a good occasion for anything fancier.

  3. I had an “Uncle Bernie” and he wore a hat with flair, and he would always ask, “Hey kid, ya know where I got this hat, and then he would bellow – “On my head”-
    We were kids but we will never forget him or his love of hats and we are not talking baseball caps.

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