A Mexican ’10

"The Night of the Rich" by Diego Rivera

Being allergic to grenadine has its drawbacks. Especially when you are desperate to stretch one leftover glass of bubble into two cocktails. Grenadine, you see, is one of the major ingredients in a French 75. But so is simple syrup and I didn’t have any of that lying around either.

Sure I could have made a couple of Kir Royales, but they would have been awfully sweet; which doesn’t appeal to either Mrs. E. or me. (A Kir Royale should blush, like your date, as far as I’m concerned.)

In the spirit of mixing spirits into champagne (or cava, in this case), I shook together a mixture of tequila, lemon juice, orange bitters and agave sweetener and topped it with the bubble.

Mrs. E. recommends a dash of orange juice or Grand Marnier for a longer finish.

Don’t attempt unless desperate. Which is why I named it for the year that the Mexican Revolution began.

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7 Responses to A Mexican ’10

  1. kate says:

    As a beginning bartender, and stalwart gin-lover (as taught by my parents’ summer tastes), the French 75 is a classic drink I mastered early on. The French 75 is quite elegant (and powerful) in its simplicity. Comprised of gin, champagne, a rim of sugar, a dash of lemon juice, and an orange twist, there is no need for grenadine. Happy cocktailing!

  2. Thanks Kate. I was going by the recipe in the “American Bar” which hasn’t let me down until now… should have checked “The Savoy Cocktail Book” first.

  3. TBD says:

    Interesting concoction – is it really, truly to be drunk only when desperate?

  4. LucyinStLou says:

    Love the art! Thankfully, in our allergy rich household, grenadine isn’t an issue. Your recipe is intriguing though. I’m going to make a point of trying it soon regardless of our level of desperation.

  5. vonwotan says:

    One note on the recipe – many feel that Cognac / Brandy was used in the original recipe. The 1949 edition of “Esquire’s Handbook for Hosts” has both recipes.

  6. Columnist says:

    Is the picture you use by Diego Rivera? Looks it. One of my favourite artists.

    I never seem to have champagne left over….sadly!

  7. Columnist says:

    Oh…I see you “tag” him, so I guessed correctly. I like the work by his wife Freida Kahlo too.

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