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A Core Resolution

I’ll pass along a very easy exercise to help you keep your New Year’s resolution to get back into good shape. Destabilizing your core helps to work all those muscles that will make your workout much less painful. And the easiest way to do that is to use an exercise or stability ball. But don’t think that you have to set aside a lot of time to use the ball. Try this in addition to your regular workout: replace your desk chair/couch — where ever you read and comment on your favourite blogs — with the ball. A hour or two every day, sitting bolt upright and keeping your balance while enjoyably surfing along, will go a long way. Just be sure that you buy one that is the right size and keep it inflated correctly.

Now about calorie restriction…

7 thoughts on “A Core Resolution

  1. I’m with PVE, it’s an amusing image of an elegant gentleman aloft a big inflatable ball, perhaps with a martini in his hand. That said I could use a little core training while chained to the computer, it just may require closing my office door.

  2. I have not used it as a chair, however, I do exercise with one. The first time I attempted to do pushups with my feet perched atop the ball, I nearly broke my nose. Much more difficult then you would think. However, it (along with running and simple calisthenics) helped my lose 45 pounds. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I now have to replace my entire wardrobe, including some of my shoes!! Apparently, even my feet got fat. Go figure.

  3. I’m so tickled by the thought of cocktail hour perched on a big bouncy ball. Love the idea. I’ve used a version of these in my workouts. I use the half balls (I think called bosu?) with platforms to stand on while working with free weights. Depending on the exercise, I would stand on both feet, or, for an extra challenge, on one. I’ve since fallen out of my usual routine, but while I was diligent about it, I noticed a huge difference when I was out skiing. Who knew, core strength and balance really DOES transfer to other activities!

  4. I’ll try it out. How long have you been doing this? Any back pain?

    I’ve been using a ball for years, calisthenics, stretches…it helps a bad back.

  5. Oh, darn. I just deflated the one Mr. Blandings has kept in our bedroom for a year and never used. I kept worrying that the boys would roll right down the stair with it as they think it is the most hilarious toy. I might need to get it back out.

  6. iCG,I’ve just started today. It’s very comfortable and since I’ve sort of stopped using the ball for exercise on a regular basis (I’m currently infatuated with my new pullup bar — as seen on TV! — and kettle bell routine), I feel like it was going to waste. No back pain, but I’ve been working my core for a while now. I’d say start with a half-hour and work up.

    Mrs. B., mine does have to be hidden when the children are in residence.

    TBD, hadn’t heard of the bosu ball. But I don’t belong to a gym. It sounds interesting. Core strength and balance will take you far! Even while dancing.

    Turling- well done! What a wonderful problem to have. The thought of having to replace my wardrobe is what keeps me fighting the good fight.

    Mrs. PvE, Atheneus, TBD, think how much concentration it takes not to spill a martini! I hadn’t thought of keeping this out for extra seating at a drinks party, though…. hmmmm… too 70’s?

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