Wishing the Old Year Out


While we wait to kiss the new year in, there is still a lot to be done. Especially if you’re hosting a party for a few friends as Mrs. E. and I do every year for our anniversary. This year we have had sixty-five acceptances, fourteen regrets and a dozen or so un-accounted-fors.

Clearly this is one of those parties that requires a little planning and preparation, unlike Miss Golightly’s.

I am of the firm belief that the only way to enjoy a party is to have the time to properly prepare to receive your guests. Which means time to mix a dressing drink, shower, shave and dress.

So what’s a harried father of two to do in between the spate of visits from family and friends, the short-order cooking and the children’s relentless demands for attention? Panic, you might say. Panic, in my case, leads to having to start well in advance.

Today we will run multiple loads of appetizer plates and stemware through the dishwasher, polish the silver and my shoes, and pick up the frighteningly huge collection of Christmas toys that the children have amassed.

Step one in your Easy and Elegant Life Party Planning Guide.

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