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Time to Stop


Things are getting to the Holiday-crunch-crazy-days stage right about now. Kids, gifts, decorating, mailing, malling, last minute everything.

I’m going to recommend giving yourself another little gift. Take time to stop. Hang out the “Do Not Disturb” sign. Relax. Have a glass of bubbly and listen to some fantastic seasonal music (get lost in a timeless classic, a choral masterpiece or symphonic spree.) Read a good book. Or even a fun book. Just read. Watch a classic movie and marvel that they made it look so easy to be elegant. Take a steam shower or a bubble bath. Go get a shave and shine. Slid through the blogosphere with a hot cuppa. But stop. For at least half a day if you can. Breathe deep. Wonder at the joy of it all.

That’s what I’m doing. A little country casual after yesterday’s rock and roll. Cotton flannel shirt, silk neckerchief (I hate seeing an undershirt), wide wale corduroy trousers, alligator belt, heavy cordovan brogues.

Merry Christmas.

9 thoughts on “Time to Stop

  1. Fine advice. A couple of years ago things around casa Epic were getting so crazy I went Martin Luther on everyone and taped a manifesto to the [inside] front door of the house announcing a simpler way of doing everything [i.e. we will not give ourselves ulcers to get the cards sent out by a certain date]. Since then some form of peace has appeared. That was a desperate, “macro” oriented approach. Your suggestion of personal time and moments of relaxation is just as important and more fun. If I may say so, it is an Epic approach to the season!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I really enjoyed reading your blog this year!


  2. This combination is just perfect. I think you pull it off so effortlessly. It’s very English country gent, the kind of look that Paul Smith would create!

  3. Dear Mr. Lane, Thank you! What a nice thing to say. Merriest of Christmases and A Year of Happiness to you and yours. (I am pleased to read of your adventures, too!)

    G.M-J, And thank you, too. Casual is not something which I find easy to pull together, so it means a lot that you think it effortless. Happy Christmas.

  4. I love this look on you! And you would almost be warm enough here — about 13 inches of snow have fallen in the last 3 days and it was 15 BELOW 0 when I got up this a.m. But it looks gorgeous and will be a very white Christmas.

    I am planning on posting this week — for anyone who needs a blog fix! Hope you have a great holiday! I’ve enjoyed our interaction this fall.

  5. With today’s temps in the teens, I was tempted to wear cords today. Even my boss, who’s quite stylish, has on cords and a gorgeous cashmere sweater. We work in an 1850’s house with old wood sash windows, so it can be a bit chilly!

  6. It is very cold here today, too. I find that moleskin trousers, a silk base layer, and a merino or cashmere pullover is working well. Topped with an ancient, 16 oz. + tweed jacket and scarf and the dash to the car isn’t as brutal as it could be.

    LELW- a white Christmas is something magical to celebrate. I’m dreaming.

  7. I have shut out all but the most pressing of matters, submerged in what you so aptly describe as “choral masterpieces” and “symphonic sprees.” A most welcome respite indeed. No furled brows in this household.

    Merry Christmas

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