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The Gift Guide: {this is glamorous}

{this is glamorous} never fails to provide a luxuriant read. Here she wraps us in a warm holiday embrace while she embraces the economic downturn in style.

If I were to choose one gift idea that would work for nearly all on our lists, the most lovely idea I can think of is cashmere. Both practical and luxurious, there is the option to choose between gloves, wraps, sweaters and scarves, depending on levels of familiarity and acquaintanceship. Cozy and soft, the happy recipient will undoubtedly think fondly of you with each wear . . .

One thought on “The Gift Guide: {this is glamorous}

  1. E – how is it that I only came across this post now? Christmas long over and a new year begun 🙂 Thank you for including me in the gift guide, and hope you’re keeping well.


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