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The Gift Guide: The Epic

On a quest to find the perfect gift, M. Lane of The Epic reaches into the not-too-distant past to bring us a little Christmas Cheer — of the portable potable kind — and a few newer suggestions. (Editor’s note: The Elegantologist has three travel bars…)

Ok. I have the perfect gift for the Epic rail or auto traveler!  The Deluxe Portable Travel Bar Set ($119) from Kegworks.com.  It has a cocktail service for two….martini glasses, shaker, jigger, tongs, strainer, spray bottle ( possibly for vermouth?) napkins, fork/spoon stirrer and room for two bottles of spirits.  Every swank fellow had one of these when I was a boy and it is high time they made a comeback.  Nothing like a good portable bar to turn an every day picnic, cross country trip or rail journey into an Epic occasion!!!

A less expensive gift which I have and use all the time is a Leather Valet Tray (32.95 from manabouttown.com).  This is a pretty piece of leather with brass snaps at all four corners.  When you snap them all together, it forms a gorgeous tray to put your pocket items in while at your hotel.  They are available in several colors including black and saddle brown.

Also, I would recommend three great holiday albums, Snowfall by Jackie Gleason (6.98), the Vanessa Williams Christmas Collection (10.99) and Reindeer Room Vol II–A Christmas Chillout (13.99).  All from Amazon. The Reindeer Room CD also has a DVD that has a continuous movie of a crackling fireplace you can put on the big screen while listening to the CD!!! 


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