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The Gift Guide: PvE Design

Mrs. PvE is a true creative. Her hand drawn and painted illustrations are a delight. And so are her homemade Christmas gifts. There’s something for everyone here — jocks, rockstars on a roll, movie critics, your diva friend… . But most of all there’s a lesson for you and me. Great gifts begin with a little insight and a lot of creativity.

I love to bake cookies and box them, also love making baskets of goodies, “breakfast in a basket”- pancake mix, good maple syrup, fresh coffee, and jams.

The “Commuters delight” An ll bean bag with a great book, a warm scarf…

“Movie Night” popcorn, a dvd, or netflix subs. candies…packed in a popcorn box.

“Little Italy” – really good olive oil, pasta, a great jar of sauce, parmesan cheese, a grater, some yummy red wine and a baguette.

I find that people love the creative thought and I try to limit the amount which is easy – I line the baskets with a pretty napkin or pinked edge of fabric and it takes shape… a ribbon etc.

Really good kitchen essentials are always appreciated for a well stocked cupboard or pantry. But for those who aren’t the most culinarily inspired… a little help.

How’s that for elegant and easy….giving? (ed: Perfect, Mrs. PvE!)

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