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The Gift Guide: Pigtown-Design

Transcontinental, talented, trendsetting Fairfax of Pigtown-Design has an eye for luxury and a talent for finding the beautiful in the everyday (just keep track of her mastheads!) this season she surrounds us with luxuries writ large and small. I hope she sends a bespoke postcard!

For Christmas, one of the things I love to give and get is great stationery. I love paper and inks, and to me, beautiful writing paper with a great fountain pen is a huge luxury. When I was in London, I stopped into Smythson on Bond Street to look at their bespoke line of note cards . My mother’s family has a coat of arms, and we used it on the wedding invitation of one of my sisters, so I know that somewhere there’s the die of this somewhere. You can see it here in the leaded glass window. I would love to have some pale blue notecards with a dark blue crest at the top. And who knew Smythson had a blog?

To give someone, I’d choose a luxury that I know that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. For my two best friends, the Blonde and the Redhead (I am the Brunette), I would love to do a spa weekend over on Maryland’s Eastern Shore at the Inn at Perry Cabin. This resort was once owned by Sir Bernard Ashley, the husband of the late Laura Ashley. It’s now owned by the Orient Express Hotels, Trains & Cruises. Perry Cabin is close enough to drive to in two hours, but the act of crossing the Chesapeake Bay, removes us from our everyday life enough for us to know we’re gone. A weekend of spa treatments, great food and drink and two wonderful friends is the best gift I could give.

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