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The Gift Guide: Lucy in St. Lou

Lucy in St Lou brings us a LouLu of a gift idea. I bet she gets a thousand carolers each of the twelve nights of Christmas!

I just love holiday shopping for others.  I find few things more satisfying than finding just the right gift for the special people in my life.  Generally, I can pay close attention throughout the year and find just the right thing.  I spend most of Christmas morning basking in the glow of “oh how did you know”.  It’s delightful.  My husband, however, is a bit of a killjoy.  You see, he is officially Hard to Buy For.  Living with the Hard to Buy For, or HBF as they are referred to in our house, is a bit of challenge.  No hints are dropped, no wistful glances are cast, nary even a catalog is left out. 
This year I got lucky.  Our good friend Bill emailed me after attending a party at our house with a gift suggestion for my impossible husband.  You see, when you are plagued with your own HBF, it’s necessary to enlist help from any and all willing elves. 
So what is he getting?  His very own collection of five different speciality bourbons from Willlett Distillery.  The storied distillery has origins all the back to the pre-Civil War South and is  responsible for a number of speciality Bourbon labels.  The bottles I’m getting range from 48 to a, no wimps need apply, 147 proof.  They have been aged from six to seventeen years.  Although they aren’t necessarily for the bourbon novice, I would recommend them from anyone who is starting a collection and wants to try a wide range of different tastes. 
Should you want to pick up your own set up, they are available from The Party Source.  Of course, as with all great gifts, there is a measure of difficulty involved.  In this case, you cannot have bourbon shipped to you from Kentucky.  For those with fortitude, ask any and all friends you may have from the Bluegrass state to pick up your selection.  At around $280 for all 5 bottles, it’s a great deal.

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