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The Gift Guide: Kate F_., Girl Reporter

Kate F_, Girl Reporter, is exactly the sort of person whom one imagines to be the “go-to-girl” for her network of friends, relatives and blog-readers when it comes to ideas for gracious giving (and living.) Below you will find her pick to make your holiday season just a bit brighter.

Oh, fun!!

I have always loved horse chestnuts–so shiny!–and ever since I saw the ceramic and metal chestnuts made by Penkridge ceramics I have longed for one. They also make the most amazing ceramic fruits and vegetables; I especially love the monochrome collection, with white pears, etc., and metal twigs. Uncommon Goods sells the (very expensive) chestnuts in the U.S.

Sadly those prices are not a good fit with these economic times! Still, a girl can dream.

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