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The Gift Guide: Homer’s Odd Isn’t He?

Homer’s Odd Isn’t He recommends something a little unusual and greatly appreciated by our Armed Services. I should know, my brother-in-law married a USO girl!

Homer’s ideas for a giftworthy item this year comes down to two. For a grateful Washingtonian I’m giving one gift and wishing from Santa just one thing. The giving is of course more important and I get two gifts for the price of one. My Dad is a retired Veteran who doesn’t want anything, so since 9/11 my gift to him is a check to the USO. He loves the picture above.

Secondly, I need an air mattress because it’s gonna get mighty crowded here in DC come Inauguration Day and Homer’s abode looks like it’s filling up. A  Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone from Homer.

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