‘Round Mod-night

Lest you think I’m a one-trick polo-coated pony, I thought I’d throw in these photos of me on the way to a friend’s photography exhibition last Friday night. The topcoat is black cashmere, bought by my father in Kowloon, H.K. I’m not sure if it is MTM or off the peg. But it fits me nicely and has seen me through many an evening. It is less voluminous than my polo coat and in its two button stance, notched collar and shorter length, it is an enduring classic.

The rest…. black cashmere turtleneck, rust cashmere blend odd jacket worn with a tan and black silk pocket square, slate grey flat front trousers by Zanella and my black, Venetian loafers from Martegani. If it were a club this evening, dark denim jeans would work just as well. As close to Mod as I’m likely to get, at any rate. Where is The Cappuccino Kid when you need him most?

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