Giving Thanks

(Mrs. John L. Strong’s Informal Holiday Folds)

A week after Thanksgiving? Threw you with that one, didn’t I? It’s a good idea, though, giving thanks.

Specifically, this is a very good week to stock up on some thank you cards. Thanks go out to those who have invited you for holiday parties… yes, even the corporate events and fund raisers. Somebody when to the trouble to organize things, book a caterer and make sure that you had an open bar for the evening. Say, that is swell…thanks!

And, as the old saw goes, don’t forget to tip your cocktail hostesses. Or I should say servers. That includes your postal employee, the newspaper delivery guy, the UPS guy and the garbage men (a hot cup of coffee in a go-cup is almost universally appreciated in the busy season….), the doorman (if you’re living the high life in a big city!), and just about anyone else who makes life easier for you.

A small, but very elegant gesture in a very busy season.

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