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Easy and Elegant Holiday Decor

(Available online through cabot christmas trees.)
(Available online through cabot christmas trees.)

As I walk around the neighborhood I am overwhelmed by the magnificence of the holiday displays. Crews of two and three men work from trucks to create a Christmas wonderland. Monument Avenue is awash in Christmas cheer. There are hundreds of glittery glass balls, whole flocks of peacock feathers, acres of thick garland, miles of ribbon and thousands of tiny, twinkling white lights. I’m sort of surprised that no one blows snow to perfect effect. It truly is magical, as my wide-eyed children would tell you.

I have yet to finish decorating and haven’t begun to think about the outside. Mrs. E. came home from Lowe’s with three huge bags of massive, unbreakable balls that are to adorn our balcony. We’ll be finished before Christmas Eve.

It would be even simpler and far more elegant if I were to approach Christmas decor as my friend The architect does. Last year there were two tall topiaries in the planters by the front door. In each was a feathered partridge ornament and a couple of glass beaded pears. Subtle, beautiful and extremely pleasing.

Last night, we were greeted by a door decorated with a single, very thick, enormous balsam fir wreath adorned by a single, hand-tied, very wide, purple velvet bow.

(Antique velvet ribbon via icollector.com)
(Antique velvet ribbon via icollector.com)

Very easy, extremely elegant, luxuriant. That wreath brought out the delighted child in me.

3 thoughts on “Easy and Elegant Holiday Decor

  1. I finally started to get my act together for the front of the house. I have some of the wonderful box from the Shore in a little planter and it sort of looks like a topiary (if you squint!). Then i put some branches in the big pots on the sides of the steps. I bought a frame for the wreath, but will wait until my art show/sale is over to make that.

  2. I am completely frustrated in trying to master icollector! Why does it test me so?! I suspect my Husband’s involvement in a scheme to keep me from being a bidder. I want that ribbon. I have an evening gown that could use an update at the waist!

  3. If you only had my memory. Those fabulous topary trees? I can only recall that they both blew over in the wind storm during our Christmas breakfast. I spent half the day picking up the trees and standing them up-right in their wooden boxes. Partidge birds and fruit? Scattered about – all over the Avenue.

    Big Whop. Usually I spend half the party looking for my drink.

    But this year the topiary trees flanking the doorway remained bare. And make no mistake- those suckers are fastened by heavy chains to concrete blocks; the same weights the mafia uses. Come and get us Mr. Blow.

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