Busy, So Busy…

That’s a song from the Thomas the Tank Engine masterworks series. My son sings it every morning while I convince him that it’s time to get dressed and get going. I’m not sure that he is unaware of the sarcasm, even at the tender age of two and a half.

I bring that up as it is an errand day. I am trying to get a lot done (explaining away the hastily shot picture) so that I can poke my nose outside and take the air a bit as I contemplate what makes for everyday elegance — or elegance, everyday. I must refill prescriptions, eye a CD or two, buy a book and visit the supermarket. If I’ve time, I will have the car cleaned since the dog got sick in it this morning.

Come to think of it, that little chore just took precedence over the stop at Barnes and Noble.

If I’m focused enough to finish everything today, I will have time on Thursday to visit the Saarinen exhibit at the Virginia Center for Architecture, housed in the former Branch mansion. I’ve never quite “got” his furniture, plastic…, but I loved Dullus Airport, even as a small child (lots of reasons… adventure, sophistication, that whole Jet Set zeitgeist that our children will miss out on.) I hope to educate my eye and gain a better appreciation for the rest of his work.

If there is one thing I’ve learned through this blog, it is that tastes change… evolve, really. Where I was once a strict Deco-phile, I am now very appreciative of French Modern, for example. (And if you haven’t seen the apartment designed — curated?– by Stephen Miller Siegel in January’s Town and Country, please make the effort. I think it’s very sophisticated in a way that always seems just out of my reach. I must learn to edit.)

So what’s that got to do with the photo above? Not much. Clothing for dashing about, in and out, home and away. Michael Kors cashmere turtleneck, Boss tweed trousers in brown and cream herringbone, Cole Haan/Nike suede brogues and the ubiquitous polo coat. Shame you can’t see the argyle socks. Just because I’m busy doesn’t mean that I don’t take the time to dress a little better than I have to. Not all situations require a suit and tie. Neither do they all require jeans and a t-shirt. Just the little bit of extra effort.

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