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À Table!

(Bronze Hurricanes from Pottery Barn)

You know your true friends by the amount of trouble they take to entertain you; even if they’re offering a last minute respite from the madness of the holiday season. Take a simple casserole of boneless chicken breasts in white wine with rice, served on Herend’s Chinese Bouquet china (in green.) All that after our hosts had attended an event earlier in the evening.

What really caught my attention was the way they lit the table. Each place had at its head a hurricane lamp and candle. Dramatic. Simple. Striking. And very unexpected. That’s an easy and elegant place setting tip if ever I saw one.

3 thoughts on “À Table!

  1. LBT, what a picture you paint!

    AL, they weren’t huge by any means and were very plain. Perhaps a foot tall at the most with a base of 4 inches? They just fit the candlestick base. They were purchased at the Pottery Factory in Williamsburg during one of our very first trips together. The table was set with one wineglass per place as we drank white through the meal; then switched glasses for bubbles for dessert. I’ll see if they can recreate it tonight as they host us once again for no good reason other than it’s the season! Of course my camera’s on loan…

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