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Hit the Silk

Fall is off to a strange start for The Old Dominion. As I write this it is 41ºF and threatening to flurry. Huh? Not at all usual for this time of year. Which may be why the entire family is … Continue reading

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NYT Article: “The Mark of a Gentleman”

(Image: Bill Cunningham The New York Times) The ever delightful Fairfax (of Pigtown-Design fame) was thoughtful enough to send me a link to a story (“The Mark of a Gentleman”) that had me at the opening shot of a 1933 … Continue reading

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Easy and Elegant Life’s Cider Sauced Pork Chops

(Forgive the once green beans. My Southern side came out and let me ignore them for far too long.) The Easy and Elegant Lifestyle advocates taking advantage of what’s around you. Live well, well within your means. The one inch … Continue reading

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