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Keeping Fashion at (e)Bay

Well, there’s a lesson to be learned here: stay away from eBay if you have any kind of a budget at all.

I recenlty bid, and WON, three auctions. Yikes. What happened to that “it’ll get bought out from under you at the last minute” caveat?

The good news. The package was well packed, dispatched promptly and the goods were as described. The clothes fit me so well that only the very smallest of tweaks will be needed to make me look as though the suits were made for me instead of … whomever. The labels read: Isaia; Dunhill (MTM at least if not bespoke); Gianluca Barbera (Sartoriale, not the top of their line, but nice… .) All of which means that I’ll be back as soon as I can.

That’s me above, in the Isaia sportcoat. I’m not sure that I’ve ever worn anything as comfortable as this coat. That may include pyjamas.

So, the verdict? At 1/10 of the cost of any one of the items…. wow!

Do your research so you know the labels. Caveat Emptor; buy from a reputable merchant (this guy was mentioned in the soon-to-be-late-and-lamented “Men’s Vogue.) Consider thrift stores, eBay and consignment stores. Just remember the basics. Classic style never goes out of fashion.
(N.B. the slacks are MTM. The shoes are the Cole Haan/Nike collaboration. While the soles turned out to be glued on — what do you expect from a sneaker company?– they are comfortable, decently designed, an OK colour and only make one small stylish faux-pax at a seam along the side. I’m hoping to make them my “city-strolling shoes.”)

9 thoughts on “Keeping Fashion at (e)Bay

  1. Nike look. I have had some good luck with e-bay. The only issue I find is the pictures never match exactly to the color of the cloth. I always find it to be a couple of shades different once it’s received. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes I have to go back to the ad to be sure it was the item I bid on. But, like you said, for a fraction of the price, I can afford a couple of mistakes.

  2. Thank you Pamela.

    AL, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Although I have recently passed my goal of being able to run 5 miles at a pop, the camera angle and pixel constrictions really do help the illusion.

    Posh, very much so to the erudite and elegant polyglot who is Mrs. E. . Thank you just the same for the compliment.

  3. I will miss men’s vogue as well. I thought the photo shoot with Federer on the cover was very good. I also remember a good photo shoot with patrick dempsey this summer wearing various white jackets.

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