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10 Essentials by Mr. Hamilton

Living Very Well Must Be the Best Revenge....
Living Very Well Must Be the Best Revenge....

Men.Style.Com has a wonderful feature that asks different people what ten things are essential to own. The results are always instructive. Today, it is Easy and Elegant icon George Hamilton who is kind enough to show us what matters most for the bon-vivant and jet-setter in all of us. His example of his dark blue suit is brilliant.

11 thoughts on “10 Essentials by Mr. Hamilton

  1. What a great feature! Thanks for sharing it. I have always loved GH as a man of style. I would love that black LV bag in his list…

  2. Hello AL, he is stylish, I’ll give him that. And I, like you, don’t advise facelifts for men. I like the fact that he seems to live very well and maintain a sense of humour about himself. (No technical issues I know of. Is it the RSS feed you’re using or the address?)

    Hello Mr. Lane, there are a great many things on his list that I wouldn’t mind having. I’d even settle for the tan.

  3. I’m with AL in thinking there’s something a little dodgy about him – he’s just a little too orange.

    However, I can’t find fault in these recommendations. It’s a timeless selection of classics.

  4. I had dinner with Sir Fopling and his delightful fiancee the other night in London. He’s lots of fun and very charming. He was my guest in Baltimore during the summer and we had a great visit.

  5. I was at a bookstore last night and flipped through Mr Hamilton’s new memoir. It is cheesy beyond belief, but the Tennessee Williams-esque early chapters (much-married fortune-hunting mother, spectacularly fey half-brother given to dressing up in mom’s clothes, dashes in and out of private schools paid for by momentary stepfathers) are rivetting.

  6. Fairfax, there can be no doubt! What a small world is the blogosphere of 10 million or so…

    AL, I will wait for the movie. David Niven’s autobiography was the last I enjoyed. Although I have Peter O’Toole’s on the unread pile and would love to get hold of The Duke of Windsor’s sometime.

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