Setting the Bar

We had a houseful this weekend. Dinner guests, family, kids, etc. . I cooked a lot and made a lot of drinks. As I silently cursed my ice machine for going up on me, I started to reflect on what, in the best of all possible worlds, would constitute my ideal bar trappings. I’m pretty close.

I have a good silver tray, a cutting board and a sharp knife. I have a few sterling shakers, a couple of pitchers, a mixing spoon, a good corkscrew, a silver jigger, copies of “American Bar” and “The Savoy Cocktail Book“, a Boston Shaker and a strainer.

I don’t have a muddler or a pair of sterling tongs. More importantly, I don’t have an insulated ice bucket.

I have a glass ice bucket — several in fact. But I don’t have an insulated ice bucket. I noticed this because, with the ice maker on the fritz, I was keeping a close eye on the cube consumption. I dislike having to run to the market in the middle of a party.

So, as much as I would love to own a cut crystal
Century Ice Bucket in Sterling Silver by Tiffany, like the one pictured above, these would really be far more useful to me:

Double Wall Insulated Ice Bucket in Red Leatherette by Metrokane (also available in black from those responsible for the Rabbit corkscrew.)

The K + T Bucket via Vivre

A Mirrored Double Wall Insulated Ice Bucket by Michael Anastassiades via Vivre

Now if I could only find a sterling silver, insulated bucket with a hinged lid… well ladies and gentlemen the bar would be set very high indeed.

Just a thought in case you need to find a wedding, Christmas or anniversary gift.

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