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Keeping It Proportional

I prattle on a lot about proportion and fit. I think you’ve got fit down. So here’s a bit more about proportion. Two sweaters, two pairs of trousers, four radically different looks.

A fuller, shawl collar sweater worn with full cut, double forward pleated trousers.

Do not attempt this in public.
Do not attempt this in public.

The same trouser worn with a trimmer cut sweater in the style of Armani (he loves the sweater tuck.)

Tuck and nip.
Tuck and nip.

The same sweater worn with flat front, Donegal tweed trousers.

Flat front trousers with a trimmer sweater.
Flat front trousers with a trimmer sweater.

And finally, a return to the shawl collar sweater worn over a trimmer cut trouser.

Another way to get it right.
Another way to get it right.

If I take anything from this little experiment, it is a simple rule: fuller articles of clothing above the belt need trimmer articles of clothing below. Fuller trousers require slimmer cut coats, sweaters and shirts.

8 thoughts on “Keeping It Proportional

  1. Great lesson and so much easier to see when you go to the effort of trying all the variations. Thanks for letting us learn the easy way — from the pictures. And the last one is a great look but, then again, you have some very nice clothes.

  2. Good show. I like all four but will have to vote for Number 1 since that’s what
    Fido recommends.

  3. Thank you both. The last is the look I prefer as it makes me look slimmest and tallest. This is a better approximation of my dimensions (although I am within 2 pounds of my goal weight) than previous pictures have indicated. I shot it at an upward angle. Barrymore, for all of his most obvious qualities, is no judge of men’s clothing…

  4. Al, thanks! I can send my measurements. They vary by decade. Whenever you’re in town, don’t bother to pack.

    L2R, thanks for the vote of confidence. The first is very comfortable, but the least flattering to my eye, followed by the third. Still, it’s a matter of degrees and I encourage you to experiment.

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