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Via The Sartorialist.

From the comments, it seems the gentleman works at Ralph Lauren. He’s got that look down. The trick is in the fit and the very dressy dark denim. Casual doesn’t have to mean un-tailored.

9 thoughts on “Jeanius

  1. Mr. West, I’d have to agree. But it may be the very soft shirt he’s wearing, too.

    Hello Turling, it’s a notch lapel, but adapted (I think) from a Ghillie collar. There should be a button under the opposite lapel to allow you to close the throat latch in inclement weather. I am wearing a Harris tweed coat today with a detachable throat latch. Very handy.

  2. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog, but wanted you to know how handy this post was last night. A friend’s son inherited a dashing jacket and in discussing its origin, he was asked about the lapel. While people wondered aloud about its purpose, I was able to offer an answer. I suggested he check the opposite side for a button & sure enough!

    I didn’t claim the knowledge as my own. I told him I’d link him to the site that educated me, so you’ll likely have a few more readers today.

    Thanks, as always, for your great postings.

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