Bonus: Taking It to the Streets

This is how I looked as I left for the afternoon’s errands. I chose to go with yesterday’s final look (I wasn’t up to changing again and was running late.) The addition of a vintage scarf and a pair of vintage chamois gloves let me brave the 40 mph winds. The bag is J Peterman’s Mailbag purchased in the 80’s (when I could afford it….)

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4 Responses to Bonus: Taking It to the Streets

  1. CashmereLibrarian says:

    You look great! Love the scarf; very Cary Grant.

  2. Eva says:

    Snazzy! And I have bookcase envy.

  3. Thank you both. Casual isn’t easy for me, yet. it takes much more thought. But with practice…

  4. Mr Ronfeld says:

    I bought that mailbag as well, I don’t use it anymore, I use one I bought at Il Bisonte on a trip to Florence. But that was a great bag. This picture makes me want to dig it out again. It’s the manly Kelly Bag.

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