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In the Eye of the Storm

To my readers who are in harm’s way in the path of Ike.

Pack the family photos, a flashlight, bottled water, a perfect book, a bottle of brandy, the French press and some coffee and get somewhere safe, please. That little ritual of an afternoon cup of coffee and perhaps a post shelter-dinner brandy will help you weather the storm with a stiff upper lip.


4 thoughts on “In the Eye of the Storm

  1. My husband and I weather Hurricane Hugo years ago, while staying at the Two Meeting Street in Charleston. We were able to fly back home, and later spoke to the innkeeper, he said in his Southern drawl, ” Your rental car was flattened like a can of sardines” – the chimney came smashing down on it. Thank goodness for insurance. My husband had tried to move it, and it was literally flooded. Close call. I shall never forget the eery eye of the storm.
    Hope everyone heeds your advice, add boots and dry blankets.

  2. While we are not on the coast, we did get plenty of rain and winds in St. Louis. And what was Mr. Luce doing in the midst of 20 mph winds and flooding? Running in the St. Charles marathon along with all the other crazies. Luckily, they cancelled the whole thing at mile 10. I guess it must be bad PR to lose runners. After that adventure, we followed the rest of your advice to a tee!

  3. I am on the other side of Harris county and thankfully this area only saw downed tree limbs and fences. Nothing major, just a great deal of yard trash to clean up. Ike hit Galveston Island in the middle of the night on Saturday a.m. , but Saturday night this side of the county got hit by a vicious electrical storm that sounded ten times worse than the hurricane! I just knew that lightening was going to strike the 100 foot pines in my back yard! Very scary.

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