At Home on The Love List

At home (before a few changes were made.)

At home (before a few changes were made.)

Well, for those of you who think that I toil away at the blog from a damp basement somewhere, the manse is here for your perusal. I’m in august company and thank Jessica for asking me to contribute. Have a gander, if you’ve a moment. But remember, I’m not a designer of any sort; as if the photo above isn’t enough to convince you.

As the boys from Madness used to sing: “Our mum she’s so house proud….”

Happy weekend.

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11 Responses to At Home on The Love List

  1. Claire says:

    Oooh! Nice digs! VERY nice digs!!!

  2. LucyinStLou says:

    Your house is gorgeous. I am so envious of your library. So many beautiful shelves with so many books!

  3. CashmereLibrarian says:

    DROOLING over those bookcases. You have a beautiful home.

  4. All of it is wonderful, but I’m especially in love with the library. No surprise. What a wonderful view from your desk. A very luck guy.

  5. Thank you all. And Mrs. B., in so very many ways…

  6. pve design says:

    Just as I pictured it, and you in your smoking jacket, blogging.
    You would have to make it look easy and elegant. True to your name.
    A library is on my wish list.

  7. fairfax says:

    that bookcase ROCKS!!!

  8. Brian says:

    The house is eclipsed by that thoughtlessly dimpled pink tie.

  9. katiedid says:

    I enjoyed seeing your home very much! It fits…yes it does. Wordly, cultured, and quite dashing.

  10. Thank you all.

    Brian, You must be entirely unaware of my numerous other faults. But, since I am far from perfect, thank you for pointing out only one of them.

  11. style court says:

    Chris — enjoyed seeing your home! The red room with zebra rug and leather was just as I imagined.

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