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At Home on The Love List

At home (before a few changes were made.)
At home (before a few changes were made.)

Well, for those of you who think that I toil away at the blog from a damp basement somewhere, the manse is here for your perusal. I’m in august company and thank Jessica for asking me to contribute. Have a gander, if you’ve a moment. But remember, I’m not a designer of any sort; as if the photo above isn’t enough to convince you.

As the boys from Madness used to sing: “Our mum she’s so house proud….”

Happy weekend.

11 thoughts on “At Home on The Love List

  1. Just as I pictured it, and you in your smoking jacket, blogging.
    You would have to make it look easy and elegant. True to your name.
    A library is on my wish list.

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