Three Questions

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I’ve given up and rented “A Dance to the Music of Time” on DVD. Somehow I’ve not been able to make the time to read all 12 novels and I’ve had the books (condensed into four volumes) for a number of years now. I am slowly working my way through “Them.” The stack of unread books in my library and on my bedside table is threatening to darken both rooms as they loom ever larger.

And yet, I buy more. Books are an addiction started early for this only child. There is simply no substitute that I find adequate in which I can lose myself. But with a 10 PM lights out policy (I need eight hours of sleep; although that is an ever-shifting target), there just isn’t enough time alone to make a dent.

So, I’m just curious. I’ll live vicariously.

1. When do you read? Do you read before bed? In the afternoon? Commuting by rail? At airports?

2. What genre do you read and what are you reading now?

3. Who is your favourite author?

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