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There’s No Place Like Home

Jessica of The Love List was kind enough to want to know a little bit about the manse. She has invited me to participate in a virtual tour of bloggers’ homes. I’m looking for the camera battery recharger now… Although to capture the true essence of the place would require digging away at numerous piles of this and that.

The idea is to give a little lesson in design through a real life show-and-tell.

Maybe I’ll just send this in instead. Or this. Or this

Really, just dead ringers for our little joint. Check in with The Love List sometime after September 1 and see what I can come up with. The truth will out.

A few of my fellow participants in random order.

MA Belle
Mrs Blandings
a Room Somewhere
b. chic design
Elements of Style
Simply Grove
Fifi Flowers Design Decor
The Love List

What, me worry? I’m looking forward to stealing all kinds of beautiful ideas!

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