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Top Down, Radio and Spirits Up

Behind the Wheel
Behind the Wheel

(This isn’t me. Yet.)

As long as I have to be in the car, I’m going to enjoy myself.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a classical-music-in-the-morning guy. It is by turns soothing and invigorating. Combine a bit of soaring orchestral or chamber music with an open roof (or top down on the convertible) and a beautifully cool morning and you’ve got a recipe for a wonderful start to the day. Besides, it’s fun to watch the reactions of other drivers when I pass them playing Mozart, say, really loud. Commuting never seemed so luxurious. At least until I employ a driver….

The midafternoon often finds me singing along to now “classic rock” (what we called modern rock in the 80’s) or some Bossa Nova.

Evening, well, evening drives are always accompanied by cool school jazz or American Standards. All that crooning about starlight in the eyes, with the sky glimpsed overhead and the moon on the rise, is just perfect. It’s funny, I remember those drives to dinners vividly. And I’m always in black tie. It occurs to me that that can’t always be the case. I guess it just makes me feel that way.

What is your favourite driving music?

10 thoughts on “Top Down, Radio and Spirits Up

  1. When you get that Jag XKE be prepared to listen to laugher… Nothing in the world derives laughter from those in plastic cars like a broke XKE. Except maybe a Ferrari.

  2. Yup, Ms. Durbin, The Police, Roxy Music and The Clash are now considered classic rock…

    Tintin, worse yet, I’d love a XK 120 or 140. But am leaning toward the MGA now, too.

  3. Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald in the Mini Cooper with the roof open. That makes any commute bearable.

  4. Mrs. PvE, I’m itching for XM, but am currently held captive by children’s music during most commutes. So it’s the 25 year old CD’s for now.

    Peak, ain’t it strange? Live long enough and well…. my “Death Before Disco” t-shirt is probably hip again.

    No kidding, Eric. And your Mini is a snazzy little beast. What a fun thing to drive.

  5. Hi CL, excellent choices. I have Conte’s “Bossa Per Due” (I think — CDs in storage at the moment.) Found him through the ESL music guys (I used to frequent their club when it first opened in D.C.)

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