The Casual Business

Ralph Lauren\'s Herringbone Knit Sportcoat
(From Ralph Lauren, of course….)

Ignore the rest of it. This has got to be one of the best ideas I’ve come across in a long time. Need to be business casual? Need to dress down without looking like…. well… without looking down and out? The herringbone knit sportcoat from Ralph Lauren. The shirt-jacket gone one better for fall.

Just a thought.

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4 Responses to The Casual Business

  1. How can I ignore the rest of it, it’s screaming at me! But yes, the sportcoat does seem like a good idea. Women’s version?

  2. It does scream, doesn’t it? I think that women have always had more options whenit comes to jackets. There is the 3/4 sleeve, the crepe wools, boiled wool, etc. But Mr. Lauren does do this: ( A sweater jacket that is sort of a cardigan/blazer hybrid which I think would work nicely with jeans, white bermudas, a knife pleat skirt, or just about anything else.

  3. pve design says:

    I believe that the Duke & Duchess of Windsor were the inspiration behind the elegant yet casual cardigan. I will hunt down a photo of her wearing this sort of Jacket. When I designed at Ralph, this sort of thing was always on the line in some scrumptious cashmere.

  4. Mrs. PvE, too kind! And of course you did. They were lucky to have you for inspiration!

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