Friday (Incredibly )Casual “Dinnerwear”

Tonight’s dinner with friends will be on the casual side. As such, it calls for casual clothing that still has a touch of summer. Rather than rely on the khakis/buttondown/loafers trifecta, why not lead the style pack with a bit of linen, denim and suede?

Pictured above, orange linen shirt by Tommy Bahama (worn untucked as it has a square tail), white jeans by Land’s End (since we’re in the air-conditioning), tan suede driving shoes by Tod’s (not pictured.)

I’m just hoping that I won’t clash with the appetizer.

Dried apricot dressed up with a round of goat cheese and topped with a candied walnut.

Happy weekend.

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10 Responses to Friday (Incredibly )Casual “Dinnerwear”

  1. pvedesign says:

    Linen in any color with white jeans and a driving shoe would get my engine started for a very relaxing weekend.
    Love the photo-

  2. Thank you Patricia. It is a winning combination that I wish I saw more of. I have a hard time remembering life before the driving shoe. I’m sure I’m flattening already horrifically flat feet — top and bottom, they resemble spade blades — but I love them. Especially since Mrs. E. and I both drive standards.

  3. N.B. the walnuts are carmelized, not candied as I originally stated.

  4. TIG says:

    There’s nothing like linen on a summer’s evening, and paired with white denim, why, it’s perfect. The appetizer sounds delicious.

    {p.s. did the kaftan makes its appearance at any point in the evening?}

  5. Claudia says:

    That is the perfect combination of elegance and luxury. How come most guys can’t grasp how easy it is to wear that in the right fabrics? I guess it’s true, ‘You’ve either got or you haven’t got, style’!

  6. Hello TIG, I’m saving the kaftan for Saturday night. I might opt for a jaballa (sp?) instead… Something to go with the red Turkish slippers with the turned up toes which should also distract from my rapidly expanding middle.

    Claudia, I think it is a combination of two things: worried about what people might say about their masculinity and not really giving a damn about how they look anyway.

  7. TIG says:

    LOL — E+E, certain your middle is just as elegant as the rest of you. There wouldn’t happen to be any photographs of Saturday night’s attire, would there?

  8. TIG, not a one… and I like it just fine that way.

  9. RJW says:

    Very sharp. My compliments.

  10. Thank you, RJW and happy weekend.

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