One Special Summer (Book)

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There are those who take trips and those who travel. Jaqueline and Lee Bouvier were a trip when they traveled. One crazy summer abroad is chronicled by the (then) girls in a book handwritten (by Lee) and illustrated (by Jackie) to present to their parents as a thank you upon their return from a different world.

And what a different world it was in 1951 when the twenty-two year old Jackie and her eighteen year old sister took their first trip to Europe together.

From the dust jacket of the Rizzoli edition which would make a perfect hostess gift:

Join Jackie and Lee for a tantalizing glimpse of a lost world: crossing the Atlantic by ocean liner, visits with counts and ambassadors in Paris, art lessons in Venice, and white gloves in the afternoons. Smile at the social agonies all young women suffer in common — how to politely consume an oversized hors d’oeuvre, the horror of slipping undergarments, and the art of fending off unwanted romantic advances.

One Special Summer” is summer fun, gift-wrapped for us by two sisters who would become very famous indeed.

P.S. speaking of hostess gifts, LucyInStLou has a fantastic post about the best wines to bring along to the party. Read it here.

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