Friday Bank Casual

Off to the bank, a chore always, to find out what’s happened to the cheques I ordered….

I used to always wear a tie to the bank, today I am taking a different tack and braving the heat in a linen blazer, open collar twill tattersall shirt, sage linen trousers, herringbone socks and cream and olive saddle shoes. I hope that the service at the teller doesn’t reflect my more casual appearance.

Then it’s off to the Home Depot to scope out RL shimmery paint colours for the front hall (When what I really should be doing is going through that pile of books and magazines on the club chair in the library…) Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? I’m aiming for a pearlescent effect.

Happy Friday and don’t forget tomorrow’s First Annual Easy and Elegant International Smartly Dressed Scene.

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