Burgers Well Done.

Just because you are grilling hamburgers this summer doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice. I happen to think that cheeseburgers are one of the finest contributions to humanity made by we Americans. They are my often my final meal before leaving our shores and the first thing I seek out upon my return Stateside. But I’m no purist. To celebrate our friends’ return from Istanbul, we threw a dinner party featuring burgers, grilled corn, french fries and brownies a la mode.

We may have gilded the lily with the recipe for:

Bison Burgers Wellington
(serves 6)
3 lbs of organic ground bison meat
mixed mushrooms
butter for sautéing
smoked sea salt
cracked pepper
6 slices hickory smoked bacon
6 slices smoked gruyère cheese
1/4 lb of paté de foie gras mousse truffée
dabs of horseradish mustard
6 rolls of your choosing

Sauté the mushroom mix in butter, salt and pepper (and a splash of Worcestershire sauce if you’d like.)

Salt and pepper the meat and shape into six patties. Handle as little as possible. Grill to desired doneness adding the cheese to melt at the last minute.

Cook the bacon to crispness you like. Grill the bread. I brushed the bread with a little truffle oil, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Stack the cheeseburgers on the bottom half of the bun. Dab the mustard on the top half and spread with some of the paté. Top the burgers with the mushrooms and bacon.

Too much of a good thing? Oh no. Not at all. Besides, while burgers are easy, they are rarely elegant. These may be as elegant as our humble sandwich allows.

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