A Maine Course for Luncheon

We here in Virginia are inventors and entrepreneurs. The internet is based in Northern Virginia, for goodness sakes. Yes, we have a way with influencing the globe. Take for example the watermen who devised more efficient and cheaper ways of harvesting our Blue Crabs from the Chesapeake Bay. Yes, it is we Virginians who are responsible for jumbo lump crab meat at USD$31.00 (+) a pound. There just aren’t that many crabs left.

And what is summer without Blue Crabs? No jumbo lump crabcakes. No Crab Imperial. No She-Crab Soup. No pan fried soft shells.

Sacrifices will have to be made.

This year, it will be cheaper to eat lobster than to dine on the more humble crab. Chin up and uncork the champagne.

The Easy and Elegant Maine Course Lobster Salad.
Serves Four.

1 cup of cooked and chopped lobster. (Or one to two small tails.)
Grated Onion to taste.
White pepper and salt to taste.
(chill one hour)
1 cup chopped celery
2 teaspoons of dry sherry
Dash of dry mustard

Garnish with fresh parsley, pickles and hard-boiled eggs.

Mix well, lobster, salt, pepper, vinaigrette and chill for an hour to blend the flavours.

Add in the celery, sherry, dry mustard and about a tablespoon (+) of mayonnaise. Stir to combine. Serve over a bed of lettuce and garnish with chopped fresh parsley, chopped pickles and chopped hard-boiled eggs.

If you’re out of bubbly, a nice rosé goes equally well.

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