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Friday Casual Again

A very casual seersucker slacks and white OCBD, web canvas belt, white bucks… just another option for the polo shirt/khakis crowd…. (forgive the wrinkles, I was in too much of a rush today…)

Seersucker Slacks

White Bucks

12 thoughts on “Friday Casual Again

  1. Thank you all, I did this to illustrate that pattern mixing can work in many ways and make an outfit more interesting while still being very casual. Off the beach, this is about as casual as I get banning a pair of white bermuda shorts for cookouts during the extreme dog days, or gardening. Thank goodness for Oxyclean.

  2. Mr. Oxycleanologist, (E & E)
    Like to see -that you like to have good clean fun with mixing patterns.
    Oxyclean has replaced the hard to find BIZ here.
    Have you lost weight?

  3. Mrs. PvE, good stuff isn’t it? Is BIZ any better? I may be able to find that, too. And thank you, no… but I have a very good tailor and a flattering camera angle. At least now I can let that breath go….

  4. Thank you Antonio and LBT. The only thing that’s changed since high school is the waist size and the addition of socks even though it’s over 60ºF.


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