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The Long Grey Line

Inspired by a post by Laguna Beach Trad about his tutor and sartorial mentor, I give you one Col. Robert “Bob” Lynch, (USA, dec.), substitute teacher, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School for Boys, 1983. “Cox, Thomas C.?” “Present, Sir.” “Any relation … Continue reading

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Until the End of the World

“1999 was the year the Indian Nuclear Satellite went out of control. No one knew where it might land. It soared above the ozone layer like a lethal bird of prey. The whole world was alarmed… Claire couldn’t care less. … Continue reading

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Reet? Neat.

This month’s GQ has an article about a former GQ staffer who relocates to Washington D.C. and discovers that he is dangerously fashionable, although he is a bit plain for NYC (“Mr. GQ Goes to Washington” by Greg Veis). Or … Continue reading

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