Great Aunt Martha in Oil

As usual, my art history class has got me thinking about, well, art, which is what it’s supposed to do. More specifically, it has me thinking not so much about the art that hangs in the great museums of the world, but rather the art that hangs on my walls.

(Portrait of my Mom that hangs above the fireplace in the dining room. It was done by a famous local art teacher in Annapolis, MD.)

I should say the art that doesn’t hang on my walls. While I like my mom’s portrait, I’d like one of those staircases lined with ancestral paintings.

(all the following are available from Art House Reproductions)

Isabella Stewart Gardner

Lady Agnew of Lochlaw

Tadeusz de Lempicka

Portrait of a Gentleman

Or this one from a Ralph Lauren ad that I clipped about four times before I realized I had already done so…

Does anyone do those anymore? Or is it too passé?

Mrs. E. negotiated the sale, by letter and phone in Spanish, of a large portrait of a Spanish Officer ca. 18~~ for the architect. It hangs at the club and gives the place a certain air. Probably because it took a year to get here from Madrid.

So, do you have a rogue’s gallery on your walls? And are they your ancestors? Or do you, like I, rely on black and white photos? I think it’s time to seek out Wm., Lord Largecastle and Great Aunt Martha at the local antique shows. It seems that I will have to get my ancestors the new way, and not by inheriting them.

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