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Elegance Underfoot

My New Socks
“Jeeves is notoriously hidebound on the subject of legwear.” — Bertram Wilbourforce Wooster

For those of you who are less hidebound than Jeeves, finding over-the-calf hose in anything other than the solid blue, black, grey, tan can get a bit tricky. Lucky for all involved we have Mr. Alex Kabbaz, he who has been called the best maker of custom shirts in America. In addition to providing sage advice on the fora, Mr. Kabbaz finds time to source and stock some of the best of the best kit out there: Zimmereli undergarments, Begg cashmere scarves and the like. It is he who noticed the decline in Pantherella’s quality (formerly the best source for socks with handlinked toes) and decided to do something about it. That something turned out to be finding Marcoliani socks in a startling array of patterns and colours (both over the calf and calf length.)

For anyone for whom a well-dressed ankle is serious business and for those of you who longed for over-the-calf argyles or horizontal stripes but couldn’t find them readily available, Mr. Kabbaz’s emporium is a gold mine. I trust the man so much that I would skip the trip to Charvet and let him make my shirts, if only I could afford him.

The website design may leave much to be desired, the man and his merchandise does not. Head for Customshirt1.com and wiggle your hand-linked toes with glee.

10 thoughts on “Elegance Underfoot

  1. Love patterned socks to add a pop – especially ones that go over the calf.
    Now do you also wear bow ties or did I miss that post?

  2. Fairfax, I’m jealous. Just the thing for that black tie country club soirée (at least in my case..) Did you get some of those smashing slippers he wears, too?

  3. HAHA! Not the current pope, the last one. This one sounds like he’s from Hogan’s Heros.

    They put up a huge firewall at work, so i am sporadic on blogs these days. Miss ysa!

  4. Check out Frank Rostron, custom shirt maker from England, who visits the US regularly. My husband receives a new Frank Rostron shirt every Christmas – they are wonderful.

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