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I know, I know, I’m the last one to try and pull this off. But after this week’s rant against the casual corporate world, I am determined to try and offer alternatives to the all-too-prevalent untaliored Dockers® and golf shirt/untucked shirt and $100 jeans look favoured in the workplace. This is made even more difficult as it is beginning to be uncomfortably warm — in spring, winter and fall I have a fighting chance layering for effect and using luxury fabrics like leather and cashmere.

This is my first attempt. Above you will see a riff on the flat front/polo shirt look. I’m wearing flat front, cuffed, slate coloured wool trousers (in a lightweight super 120’s fabric), a black belt, silk heavy ribbed tennis collar shirt and chiseled toe venetian loafers (with socks.) I would prefer a sportcoat and a neckerchief, but I’m trying to be as mainstream as I can without sacrificing the smart part of smart casual.

You can see the problem with flat front trousers — they crease a lot when you stay seated for any length of time. I also have trouble hiding the phone, money clip, card case, pocketknife and handkerchief that are usually kept in my pockets. Since wearing anything at my waist other than a belt is out of the question, this look requires that I carry a bag. In cooler weather I could wear a car coat, safari jacket or other light jacket and take advantage of the extra pockets that that affords.

The polo is older and somehow I managed to wash it so it’s a bit worse for wear. An even trimmer cut would be preferable. Silk, mercerized cotton or other hard finished material might wear better but the ribbing hides some of my middle aged weight gain (10 lbs, now — it’s always 5-10 lbs…)

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