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Feeling a Little Shellfish

Shrimp Pasta Dinner

Tomorrow is the ever-younger Mrs. E.’s birthday and I have no idea what to cook for the occasion. Dinner will, of course, demand champagne. As will tonight’s, since it’s the last day of being her particular age… Not sure how that got started, but I think it had to do with a case of bubbles that we laid in for one of the birthday weeks once. Ah well, once the cat’s out of the bag….

The champagne isn’t an issue, a quick walk to my wine merchant and there are a couple of bottles of Vve. Fourny & Fils chilling in the wine ‘fridge. One of which I hope to have left on hand for tomorrow; not guaranteed to happen. But what to serve for dinner? Mrs. E. does love shrimps. And they are awfully easy to prepare. I assume that they are a stand-by in your home; but, if they are not, here is a recipe elegant in its simplicity.

An Easy and Elegant Shrimp Pasta Dinner for Two.
1/4 box of your favourite pasta. I like angel hair or thin spaghetti for this one.
6 jumbo, or 8-10 large shrimps, peeled and deveined
1-2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 tablespoon olive oil
pinch of red pepper flakes
(opt) splash of champagne
sea salt
fresh cracked pepper
parmesan reggiano
fresh parsley or other fresh herb chopped or torn for garnish.

Boil salted water in a pot and add the pasta. It will cook for approximately 12 minutes, but seem to take much longer.

Peel and devein the shrimps under cold running water and keep them in a bowl of salted water until the pasta begins to cook. Then take them out and pat them dry with a paper towel.

Heat a skillet, add the olive oil and as soon as it seems about to smoke, add the minced garlic and shrimps. Be careful working with the oil and shrimps — if they are too wet, they will spit at you. Sautée quickly, sprinkle with salt and pepper and red pepper flakes. (Add the splash of champagne if you’re using it.) Once the shrimps are pink, they are cooked. It takes no time at all.

Drain the pasta, add the shrimps and the oil, toss everything to coat. Divide between two bowls, top with grated cheese and more fresh cracked pepper, garnish with the herbs.

Serves two in about 15 minutes flat.

5 thoughts on “Feeling a Little Shellfish

  1. On the first day of spring, you should make pasta primavera. I would serve the shrimp cocktail while you’re getting dinner ready, but obviously you could just throw it in with the pasta.

  2. Thanks everyone! Actually dinner will be red snapper with an appetizer of smoked salmon&sushi grade tuna “tartare.” And champagne, lashings of champagne.

    Off to the stove!

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