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Well-Dressed Work Clothes…

Working Class Heroes Laptop Bag


By now, I hope that you’re dressing a little better than you have to. But have you considered your laptop, or your iPhone? Standard sleeves and bags (mine’s neoprene and fits in my J. Peterman’s Mail Bag) are just that… standard issue. Why not consider something more sartorially advanced for your most important tools?

Take the asphalt collection from Working Class Heroes. I stumbled upon these beauties through Refinery 29’s suggestion. And I now covet one of the sleeves (shown above.) Wool felt, buttery leather, what’s not to love?

9 thoughts on “Well-Dressed Work Clothes…

  1. Very smart, and I am looking into a new laptop, perhaps the new-ish Dell. Hhmm.

    I also wanted to say I have seen your comments on a few of my favorite blogs lately, and I hope you do not mind, but I would like to add you to my blogroll, because everyone could use a little ease and elegance. God knows I do. It will remind me to visit often!

    Wonderful blog!

  2. Hello Katiedid,
    Thank you! I’ve been lurking around your site, too. Thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you for the link! I’ll return the favour, happily.

    OtC, thanks! I’ve dropped a non-too-subtle hint to Mrs. E. that this would make a great gift…

  3. These are rather expensive. $110 with no padding…I’m looking for a laptop sleeve to fit inside another bag and need the padding.

  4. Hello suzygirl,
    Hmm, yes they are pricey. I think the lack of padding has to do with the material — if it is the boiled felt that I’m thinking of, it is quite thick and would serve to protect the computer very nicely.

  5. Elegant, these are a fantastic find! I’ve been searching for something for my iPod and these are perfectly understated and elegant. Now if only I could find something for my beloved and hardworking BlackBerry . . .

  6. They are nice aren’t they AtB and TIG? I’ll keep an eye out for Blackberry things. I hesitate to recommend buying from vendors with whom I have no experience, but one must have some trust in the world. I hate having to carry anything that isn’t just right. There are piles of shoulder bags and mountains of luggage that I have discarded in frustration. I am through settling for less than stellar.

    Mrs. PVE, I imagine that you make all things look chic by association. (Wouldn’t that be a great blog name? Techno-Chic. Somebody……)

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