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Pretty, It Ain’t…

Old Glory
Something funny happened on the way to the polling place today….

I just wasn’t into the whole experience. Sure, there’s lots of inspiring talk, but once you get up to The Hill… well, things change. More specifically, certain people change once every few years. And then, it’s sort of back to business. Scratch my back… .

Yup, it’s official in my book. This is the worst of all possible systems. The U.S.A. is one big, messy, inelegant experiment in participatory government. And you can argue that we get the leaders we deserve.

Yeah, truly the worst of all possible systems.

Except for all the others out there.

Because no matter what else, I’ve been allowed to express my opinion about who we should eventually choose to lead our country in a very uncertain world. Publicly. In broad daylight. In front of God and everyone.

We don’t have the pomp and circumstance of a coronation. We don’t, thank you very much, have the drama of a military coup or Junta, or, Heaven help us, an assassination.

I hope I made the right choice in my primary today. But at least I have one. Regardless of the outcome of the election in November, it will be business as usual. Our rights will be guaranteed. Our government will continue to do the things that they believe are best for all Americans: to give us all a chance at a better life.

So no, I truly do not care who wins this election. One way or another, this election will make history. And if you vote, you will help make history. Because we will have had our say and in the end we will have elected The President of The Untied States of America. Our President. My President.

Vote. Yes, it’s easy and you bear a lot of responsibility. And that makes you one of the brave ones.

God Bless America. The home of the free and the brave.

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