Pillow Talk

Bed (istockphoto.com)

Today seems like as good a day as any to discuss … pillow cases. Specifically, ironing them. With starch and maybe a lavender scented laundry water. Valentine’s Day is made for the grand gesture, but (as with everything) God is in the details, the little things that make for an elegant day. Little things, like excellent service, often go unnoticed, but make all the difference between a fine experience and an extra-ordinary one. If you’re not too handy with an iron (and pillow cases are absurdly easy to iron….) take them to your cleaners and have them do the heavy lifting. You’ll be amazed at the way they make you feel. I think 5-star hotel whenever I hit crisp linens. True, affordable luxury.

(And a bonus suggestion for tomorrow. Stretch that lovin’ feelin’ a little further. Get ahold of a DVD of “Room With a View” and a little more champagne…. an affair of the heart needn’t be short-lived. Happy Valentines Day.)

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