Mind Your Manners, Please.

Revolving Door, istockphoto.com
(“Please, allow me….”)

I hate to have to post this, but having witnessed enough little violations of etiquette of late, I am afraid that the more egregious offences are not long in coming.

Everyone needs a refresher course now and again, even those of us with shelves full of etiquette books. So, let’s review a few basics.

Five Easy and Elegant Rules:

1) When confronted by a revolving door, the gentleman goes first, being careful to not speed through if an older woman or young child is next.

2) Don’t ask anyone’s age. It will be volunteered, if necessary.

3) Don’t ask how much someone paid for a large purchase, like a condo. It will be volunteered, if necessary.

4) Don’t ask how much someone makes as salary.

5) “Please” and “Thank you.”

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